I had heard of the red sand of the Kgalagadi desert and something had been drawing me there for years. I just never could get there somehow something or the other would come up and I had to reschedule.

The day it came was the beginning of a serious life-affirming addiction. I was meant to be there, I just felt it in my bones. I spent 5 days driving through the park, seeing awesome creatures some i had never seen before. The ubiquitous oryx and springbok, meerkats, ground squirrels all help a fascination for me. The big cats which I love to watch, the birds the raptors all around, just magical.

The Kgalagadi had me by the heart, I would never again be free. Since then I have been able to meet and interact online with so many others with my affliction, we just can’t get the red sand off, we don’t want to get it off, all we want is more of it! Each time since that first time has been amazing, each time I saw something I never saw before. Each time it reveals a little more of its secrets, and I love to mine those.