There are about 60 odd hippos in the Sunset Dam in Kruger Park. It also has a fair share of crocodiles. Naturally, water birds and wading birds flock there as well but this is about the resident Grey Heron. The heron seemed to be standing in the center of the lake. The first couple of times I did not take time to notice. But then I saw the heron moving across the lake standing still!!! The hippo was walking through the water and the heron just stood on top. This one has obviously some amazing hippo skills and also a need for living on the edge.

A need for speed if you will. He also has obviously watched the Titanic and has nerves of steel. I have never seen him fishing. Either he does it when I am not around or it’s just my timing I do not know. What I do see him do is stand on hippos as they move around the lake. In the beginning, I was really not sure what I was seeing. He was not fishing, he was not displaying, nothing like that.

He was doing the Titanic pose, he completely ignored the huge ruckus the hippo was creating, he was just enjoying the ride. One more thing I will say for him, he adds class to the sunset shot.