Large plains antelope are found in a whole range of colors, from sable antelope which are black to Gemsbok that are silver grey with fashionable stripes to Hartebeest which are a lovely rusty brown. The amazing thing though is that all their calves are fawn in color.

A wildebeest calf looks almost like a Gemsbok calf when they are born. The reason is that the calves camouflage better against the brown earth for a time until they are a few months older and better able to escape predation.

I found this Gemsbok calf and its parents running through the tall grass and I thought the parents were chasing a hyena ahead of them. It was only when they broke through the cover and crossed the road that I realized the truth. It was a tiny baby Gemsbok.

We sat and watched mom and dad stay close to the little fella, touching noses and reassuring him that he was safe. With 4 foot-long sharp, pointed horns, a sturdy body weighing in at close to 5-600 pounds a gemsbok is no pushover and add the maternal instinct to define rage and you have a winning combination. A good 16 feet of sharp horns with angry mom and dad behind them makes anyone feel totally at peace.