Cheetahs are the fastest land animal and they depend entirely on their speed to hunt. The cheetah kill is one of the most spectacular sights on the plains. As spectacular as it is, it attracts a lot of attention. Every scavenger and free-loader and even predator in the area sees it notes it and may come to steal it. So cheetahs have to hunt and eat and get it over with. Otherwise, they could very well lose the kill altogether.

We found mom and her 2 cubs gobbling down their kill in thick bush. Fortunately for them, the impala ran in there to escape and got taken down.

Cheetahs also rarely move their kills any distance since they have to be quick to eat it before the hyenas come by or worse, the bigger cats. These 3 were eating a fresh kill just beside the road and their focus was completely on eating.

Young cheetahs need their meat and mom has to hunt daily to keep them in good condition. A trying job, but she has been managing well.