I had heard that the Nsemani pride that lives around the waterhole called Nsemani dam in the Kruger Park, had small cubs, and quite a few so that day on safari, I decided to go look for them. I knew they drink late just after sunset and that’s too late to find them because the camp gates shut by then. I was hoping to find the pride lazing about near the waterhole in the early morning. They were not there. So we went around the corner to the viewpoint above the river bed and were treated to a wonderful sight.

2 lionesses were sitting in the early morning sun and a couple of cubs lazed close by. As we watched them just lying there a movement caught my eye and sure enough, there were more in the back behind the termite mound that lay next to one of the lionesses.

Then there was more movement and a few more stood up and stretched. Lions stretching usually means they are going to move so I moved the car into a position where they would likely go if they were heading for the shade and sure enough.

23 lions walked by. Little ones, bigger ones and finally the king. What an amazing 30 minutes.