We were parked next to the waterhole hoping for some action and all of a sudden a wild dog ran across the road ahead. Now they are not usually alone and we waited for a minute and saw about 25 wild dogs cross the road and head for the waterhole.

The first one heads for the waterhole, ears erect and all set to go.

We had just come from there and saw several herds of impala and so we hightailed it for the waterhole and just in time.

Wild dogs move really fast and as a group the can literally take down whatever they pointing at. So the impala were obvious targets.

Before we could actually settle in and see what was happening with the dogs who had run behind some bushes a couple came to drink with fresh blood all over their muzzles. The first of the pack had already made a kill. The rest of the pack how ever was still hunting.

What had happened was that the first 10 or so dogs had taken down and eaten the first impala while the others continued the chase. These dogs also called the African Painted wolf are really fierce hunters.

They just remained by the waterhole and were relaxing after their meal. We went around the waterhole and found the others heading off down the track continuing the hunt for food. All in all a great sighting and amazing morning in Kruger.