Did you know there is a place where you can find, and many have found , penguins under the car? Damned if knew that before i showed up in Cape town.

beautiful blue sea, with penguins swimming and sailboats. a rocky headland in the background with some submerged rocks in the front.

Boulder beach is on the way to the Cabo de Boa Esperanza, er Cape of Good Hope, well hey it was named by the Portuguese sailors, right? Anyway, Boulder beach as I was saying before the linguists caught up with me, is a rookery of the jackass penguins now called the African Penguin since some jackass wanted to change the name. They bray loudly and sound like jackasses and that was why they were given the name in the first place. A few hundred of these hang out at Boulder beach and we took the side with less tourists and less penguins and yet had a good time watching them hop around the rocks. They are small birds and live on the beach here all year around. About 60cm or so high they seem to have a permanent smile on their faces and frankly watching them so did we.

Sign board saying drive slowly penguins in the road. at Boulders beach parking.

The signboards were really cute and so added them as well. Check out the blue of the sea. So beautiful.

 sign board that says check for penuins under the car at Boulders beach parking lot, Cape Town.
Penguin on a rock alone. Boulders beach cape town.
2 penguins at the penguin sanctuary at Boulders beach Cape Town