Kgalagadi Multi-day Safaris

Best time to visit the Parks:

Many people ask about the best time of year to visit the parks and we always say that all year round we see animals. It depends on what you prefer. Many prefer cooler weather, others prefer the heat; it rains a few days a month all through summer from October to April in the Kruger. The Kgalagadi gets very hot during the day in the summer months and paradoxically these are the best months for game viewing since they congregate around the waterholes. So the main thing is to remember to bring your lucky charm along whenever you come and all will be well. The Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is a place which can try your patience. The diversity of game is less than Kruger given that it is a desert environment. Sometimes sightings can be far between and at others they can happen at a breakneck pace. It takes time to get used to the different parks and even the same park at different time of the year. Just know that being in the bush, anything can happen at an time and you have to be ready for it. Our guides are trained to find animals and they will always do their utmost to make sure you find game; and yet they cannot work miracles in a situation where they have no control.


Kgalagadi packages:

The Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is a treasure trove of amazing animals and exciting experiences for you. There are 2 main roads heading toward the main rest camps up from the entry point at Twee Rivieren. These roads are lined with waterholes and these are the main places where animals congregate to drink and naturally where we will be going to get some amazing sightings and photos. The camps we use may differ depending on the availability of suitable rooms and bookings. The general itinerary will be as below.

Pick up at Upington. Your guide will stop at the local supermarket where you can pick up personal items if you wish. Then drive to The Park. Check in.

An early start with coffee and cookies to get everyone awake and ready for the day. Then we drive out to see what we can find. There are certain locations where animals are seen more and the lion prides frequent. We check the hot spots and keep a finger on the pulse to make sure that we are on point with the sightings. Bring your lucky charm along for sure.

An early start again heading out for a last morning drive. Return for breakfast and then drive back to Upington. An exciting time and lots of amazing memories.


Overnight safaris at the KTP will be charged at approx 3000 Rand per head per day sharing. Minimum of 4 days. Price may vary slightly so a final price will be set upon a confirmed booking.


  1. Transfer to and from Upington Airport/ Bus stand
  2. Safari in SUV
  3. Accommodation (guesthouse or tent)
  4. Entry fees
  5. Breakfast and dinner
  6. Qualified guide
  7. Tip for the guide



  1. Personal items
  2. Alcohol


Kgalagadi Packages

Gemsbok Tour: 6N7D Package
Nov 2019 to Oct 2020

PRICE:  28000 Rand Per person sharing. Max 5 pax.For details please see Inclusions/ Exclusions

Swart Manhaar Photographic Tour: 9N10D Package
Nov 2019 to Oct 2020

Price: 45000 Rand Per person sharing. Max 3 Photographers.For details please see Inclusions/ Exclusions

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