We took a South African safari trip from March 07,  2019 to March 20, 2019. Arun of Dreadlion Safariis was our guide & team leader. This trip was one of the most memorable trips we ever made. The whole trip comprising of our visits to Johannesburg, Kruger park, Cape Town & Zimbabwe was so pleasant & nice we enjoyed every moment of it. The credit goes to the nature maintained by the National Park operators & without leaving least of doubts, to Arun himself. The whole stay for a gang of (11) was very nicely & carefully planned executed. There was no room for any type complaints. And we never felt out of town.  Now that we watching postings of Kalahari desert  we wish it should have been included even if it  would have made the trip a bit longer. Nevertheless, hats off to Arun who adores the nature & it’s  rare habitants. His ready willingness to show others what’s in the nature’s muddle is great & very much appreciated.  If Dreadlion Safari could cover Central Africa also somehow with some links, we may make another trip to enjoy the same hospitality of Arun in the middle of the Nature!
We encourage anyone who wants to be in the middle of the nature & want to glance at wild life while it is still existing, to contact Dreadlion Safaris in South Africa.
Thank you Arun for the memorable trip we had!

Rekha & Sundaresh

Amazing experience.
Arun, the guide, made our safari unforgettable. He satisfied any curiosity about animals and wildlife in the park. His knowledge about bush’s life and animals is outstanding. We also spotted a number of animals, even the rare black rhino!!! The tour was absolutely exciting and at the same time relaxing.
Highly recommended!!
Thanks Arun!!

Serena Cioppa

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